Who is Charly Caruso?

Since changing my Twitter and Instagram handles to @CharlyCarusoWWE, I’ve been getting tons of questions from people…primarily “Did you get married?”

The answer is NO, I did not get married! Charly Caruso is my character name for the WWE, where I began working at the end of June.

So what do I do for the WWE? A lot of things! Not only am I working as a host and ring announcer for NXT live shows, I’m also a backstage interviewer for SmackDown (every Tuesday night on the USA Nework) and I’m a digital media host on WWE.com.

It’s such a cool job…way different than anything I’ve done up to this point…and the people I work with are incredible. Everyone has such different backgrounds and it’s been so interesting to find out how each person made their way to the WWE/NXT.

If you have any questions about my new job, feel free to ask away on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Click the widgets on my page to follow me!



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